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This section needs a bit of a redo. I'll get round to it....maybe


Polymer clay

It's been 3 months since my last post? Oof

Over the pandemic, I started making figures. Since I bought a whole box of polymer clay, I've been making little figures of random shit I like.

Enter golurk! Blurry pic, but I made it and am thinking of painting it. I've been hestitating because last time I used Warhammer paints and then glossed it with Mod Podge, but it collected cat hair... not sure what I did wrong. Maybe the layers weren't thick enough because I'm pretty sure I did at least 2 layers. I'll try 3 next time!


What have I been up to?

New job, raiding ultimates (DSR currently as my 3rd) and heavily working on my main projects. I feel like I've neglected this site, so I am trying to keep it updated - it's just low priority.

I started watching Loki Season 2 and...I fucking hate it. I knew I would, but I heard the ending actually does justice to him so I'm holding out. Looks like they took some criticisms of the first to heart as I actually see Loki using magic in episode 2. Fucking FINALLY! Him standing there like a lemon when his best assets are supposed to be his magic was stupid. Don't even get me started on Sykie; what a terrible character. And the fact the writers have the gall to reference how weird it is that he is attracted to himself (via Sylkie) doesn't help. How about we have a character that doesn't undermine the main character to make that character look better when they're shit? Too wordy?

My boyfriend has nearly finished FF16 and my general thoughts are it's a fine game, but the main characters (Clive & Jill) are so godamn boring. They also do not handle sensitive scenes well.

And finally... Hazbin Hotel has been released and I'm up to date with the series. It's a lot better than the pilot (given), but the show still suffers from jokes that linger for too long, terrible following cameras and some poor decisions on the storytelling. Alastor is still my favourite, but how can he not be when he's writen to be absurdly powerful, a punisher for those who wrong women (comic confirmed) and edgy? That being said, Charlie is a very close second. She's great, and the scene with Angel Dust (no spoilers) actually felt like a real interaction. They definitely could've handled his abuse in more respectful way, though. (slight spoilers) Throughout the song "Poison" those graphic scenes were not needed at all and the song functioned perfectly without them. We already had context and all they had to do was tone it down. It ended up feeling like a weird fetish scene because that was the way it was portrayed. Tl;dr, Angel Dust has a compelling story with Val his abuser but some of the sensitive scenes should've been executed better.


Lost Child

I came across a child crying in the park, poor kid! I went up to him and asked him and he told me he lost his parents. I told him we were going to find them, and if not I was going to call the police. Thankfully, his dad came around after 5 mins or so and he had a big conversation with his son about running off. His dad thanked me, and got his son to thank me too. I'm glad we could resolve it quick because the kid was really upset and crying. He stopped when I kept him busy talking to him about random stuff. I can't imagine how scared his parents were for those minutes though.



So you know those Pokémon packs we made for Halloween? They were a hit! So many kids were excited to share...I only had one parent who refused it which I expected. Some parents don't want their kids to gain some extra cardboard bulk, which is fair. I was a bit worried that some may have perceived it as trying to sell a brand (lmao) but a lot of kids are aware of Pokémon and love collecting the cards, so they were very happy! It was good to get to repurpose our old cards and they were a lot better than a normal pack you have to pay for. We were very generous!

In terms of costumes, I saw a lot of witches, skeletons, Marvel characters and Harry Potter students. There were so many kids we actually ran out of candy...! Nexy year we will have to buy at least 50 pieces because a lot come in groups of 3-4.

I think carving the pumpkin was the funnest part of setting up decorations. We also watched The Nightmare Before Christmas (which my bf had not seen before) and it was a lovely night overall.


Prisons rant

So it's Harry Potter Book Day and Bloomsbury has got lots of goodies to download.

Speaking of Harry Potter, JKR is still being based and fighting for sex-based rights as usual. Another reason to not vote Labour (ew). I quite liked this comment in particular:

"You have decided — without checking if that was OK with any of the rest of us — that men are women if they say they are. Which means you've already given away all our rights to all men who want them. Your priority is men."

The small minority of people who would argue FOR rapists identifying as women to be allowed in women prisons claim it's "transphobic" (how?), when they're the ones being misogynistic. The problem isn't that they're trans - it's that they're men and they're sex offenders. Statistically, men are the majority of perpetrators and women & children are the majority of victims and this is true across the globe - you cannot identify your way out of this in the same way a "transracial" person can't identify their way into racial oppression. It's scary how they're trying to access women - here's a UK freedom of information request on prisoners (make sure to read the sources - do not be bias).

Unfortunately, there's already been many cases of this abuse. However, there's hope and updated laws that have come into place.

If the person reading this gets offended over this post, you're siding with rapists and paedophiles and I'd rather not perceive you.


Harry Potter Studio!

We finally got a space and wow! It has changed since I last went. It's huge now and they've added a lot. Me and my bf had afternoon tea which was held below what I can only describe as a fancy yet smaller version of the grand hall.

The Golden Snitch bun was the BEST item there. Delicious! It was white chocolate with a cream filling. They had a good variety of tea and overall, it as a great experience. We saw a Ravenclaw couple at it!

After, we went for the tour (which was busy for the whole day). I was surprised how many interactive items are there to take videos of with. I highly recommend going here!



Remember that Green Day song? That is a good song. Holiday. That song. I've started playing The Witcher 3 and there's some aspects I hate about it, but some parts I really like! It reminds me of Supernatural oddly enough (not a good tv series mind you) because it's got a monster of the week sort of thing going on. Yeah. I am very behind in personal projects due to work. Oops! Soon I'll get back to them...maybe.


Oops, too many projects

I started to use Blender properly and am learning that. I'm trying to keep up with my MANY projects, but there's none I have a desire to finish ASAP so I kinda just mix progress on them. I do think I should do more modelling as that is also good for my career. Plus, in the future I want to make a simple 3-D game. Still collecting cards here!


What I've been doing

I've been working on my side projects meaning this project (Vencake) isn't being updated really. I still will update it every now and then, but I won't be on Neocities in general very much anymore. Bought a house this year with my boyfriend, so there's lots to do! On a side note, if you find one of my fansites send me an email (they're not on NC) 8)


D&D movie

...Was actually good? Yeah. Too bad WoTC fucked up trying to monetize D&D more prior to it, because it really hit its ticket sales. It was a genuine and funny film, and I applaud them for haing the main duo having a brother/sister relationship and not falling into a stupid trap of having the MC (whose wife died) start to romance his sister-esque partner. My biggest gripe was how fast-paced it was. Lots of scenes needed more development and time, and this would have served to flesh out the characters better. Also, why the fuck did they not do anything with the MC being a bard??? Hello???


Work & life!

Work has been keeping me very busy. I'm waiting for the next holiday that I haven't planned...I've been watching a lot of cave exploring lately. Not that I would EVER go myself because what the fuck. I like hearing other people's stories though.

I am doing very well. I'm extremely lucky to have my boyfriend and to be in the position I am and it makes me happy thinking about how happy he makes me, but also I am proud of my road of getting here!



Been watching a lot on making props recently. I'm going to make two outfits hopefully next year for me and my partner. I haven't made anything since uhhhhhhhh 7 years ago or something??


Hogwarts Legacy!

I nearly clocked 100 hours in the first 2 weeks. I'm obsessed - it's such a good game. This year looks like a great year for games. I'll probably pick up the RE4 remake too, though I have the newest Sherlock game to start and finish from the Steam sales too...


New job! Yay and not-yay

Better pay, and it comes with a free gym membership for an expensive gym! Unfortunately, It's in my old sector. Really banking on saving money and getting a house this year to put down a bigger fat deposit. I really dooooooon't want to do this job despite it alllllllllll. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



I have 5 year's experience in this sector and these jobs invite me to interviews and try to undersell my value. Bullshit. I think it will go better after New Year's but man, it sucks.

Our house is pretty much done. Looks a lot nicer. Need to think more about making Christmas cards now it's getting so near!


A tumblr ask

Firstly, I am still unpacking and shit. Doing DIY stuff and awaiting a new carpet to be laid down (annoying).

Secondly, a while back I got a tumblr ask regarding someone on NC. That person, I ask you to what I wrote here. It's a good thing too because I forgot to update that page with my themeswitcher! I actually prefer my Loki theme so seeing it in the halloween one was like wtf??



Okay so first, neocities is broken and not letting me comment on other people's profiles. People informed me about the 5 post per day limit, but I hadn't hit that (didn't even post one...) so I guess I'll stick to no comments for a while ;-;

Secondly, I am prepping to move and need to get everything sorted, so I'm quite busy at the moment. Been watching d&d streams whilst painting my dice tower that I got from my bf. Super chill!



Some idiot parked on my drive so I took photos (in the hopes they were watching - I dawdled) and shoved a note under their wipers. I had to go out with friends, but called a family member to make them aware it was happening. Apparently, they left shortly after. I'm pretty sure the car is now on the other side of the road, so they listened :)



Every time I feel like I'm coming back to art, I slip. It's not annoying, it's very frustrating. I haven't improved very much because of my lack of drawing. I wish I drew as much as my younger self. But wishing is going to do nothing, so I've been doing things to force me to draw...and have been enjoying it!

I started an art group with my friends. It's basically just a call and we draw for an hour and post whatever we have. I've also started drawing downstairs. Get out of my room to help me draw.

I'm moving this year. Looking forward to it.



So apparently this OCD therapy I've been doing is only 8 sessions and it was supposed to be CBT. Firstly, I was not aware of how short it would be. At one point she told me she had to go 30 mins early, to which I was like "sure", but that was part of the time taken. Same with me - one point she scheduled the time wrong (I had written it down as soon as she typed it, but the message said an hour later) so I had to bail after 10. Secondly, what kind of bullshit magic-bullet shit thinks that most can go through it and that it "works quite quickly", enough for it to do be done in under 5 hours? Imagine that - all your years' worth of anxiety and problems gone or mostly dealt with like that! Easy! Pfft.

Not going to show the screenshots (that's for the next time I complain via email to them AGAIN), but it's actually staggering how anyone can think and type that out and claim to be a professional. It made me feel like shit, as if it was my fault. But that was the point. By placing the blame on me, it's an easy way out. Well, as soon as I read that I was 1) angry and 2) upset, so I googled it. Lo' and behold, she was full of BS. So I answered her a few minutes later asking her of where she heard it. She dodged the question.

I ended up mic dropping her. She left me an email apologising and whatnot ("sorry that you felt like the conversation was difficult" bs), and said if I didn't reply in a week, she's referring me back. Not going to reply, most likely, but I will make my final complaint after my course is finished (next week)!

Don't let people treat you like shit. Ever.


is pushing me~ I get to make that joke 'cause Dragon's Dogma 2 was announced. I've been ill - AGAIN - with possibly covid - AGAIN. Sucks because it's the last few days of my course. What the fuck.

Reminder to make more writings on hmm...tolerance, star wars games, quick codes for sites...and I had more but I forgot.....