Some (!!) of my bookmarks. Explore the web.

More to be added! So. Many. More.


  • Zelda Legends
    Long-time running Zelda site which also hosts North Castle - the longest running Zelda site.
  • I got a letter
    Silent Hill website that I have had bookmarked since the start. I also recommending looking at the old site.
  • Obsession
    Doujinshi archive.
  • Personal sites

  • A Fugitive's Pendulous Mind
    To be added
  • Old web

  • Team Rocket's Rockin'
    Still going but not updated. GREAT old PKM/personal site!
  • Forums

  • Alohomora
    18+ Harry Potter RP. I linked a cute exchange between to people IC!
  • Chaos Theory
    Shame it's private now! Lots of cool lore and nice aesthetic.
  • Graphic Design (resources)

  • Screenlane
    Mobile UIs.
  • Collect UI
    More UI.
  • UI Sources
  • Stack magazines
  • Graphic Design #2

  • Marguerite
  • Femme type
    Women & typography.
  • Fuck being humble
    Learn to stop being modest!
  • ilikenetworking
    Career platform for women & non-binary people.
  • Others

  • To Delos Crossing and back: Memories from Tell Me Why’s development
    Very interesting dev blog about the development of Tell Me Why. I want that art piece!