Some of the stuff I made for D&D. Feel free to use this in your own campaigns, though I made them all specifically for mine !

Stuff here is unlisted as tested for balance/trialing and whatnot, so don't expect any of the such.

If you're from my campaign, don't read this page! There's spoilers, I guess? If you look reaaaaally hard into it, I mean. Tbh it's probably safe.

Magical items


Sword of Storms

Yes, this is an OOT reference. Ideas by my bf for this one!

Attunement Required
Properties Versatile, Light, Martial/Melee
Rarity Rare
Damage 1d6 piercing (base)
Range 5ft

This sword cackles with electric surges infrequently. When unsheathed, it generates 5ft of light.

Once per day, you can cast as a bonus action the spell Storm Song.

Storm Song, requires Sword of Storms

School Evocation
Casting time Instant
Range 15ft
Damage 1d6
Components Sword of Storms, V

Summons storm clouds to call upon a lightning bolt that strikes one target within 15 ft. This deals 1d6 Lightning damage per user level (maximum of 10d6). After the spell's use, dark clouds cover the skies for the next hour and increase the likelihood of rain.



Abyssal Etchings

Prerequisite 15th level, Pact of the Tome feature
School Enchantment
Components V,S,M
Casting Time 8 hours
Range Self
Duration Permanent

A mark of your patron is etched upon your body, placed there willingly or by force. Your etchings glow vividly casting 5ft dim light when your Hit Points are 10 or below. If your HP reaches 0,and you are instead set to 1 HP then immediately pulled into your patron’s realm. The area you are pulled to is a safe zone where you can rest without fear of attack. If your patron inhabits an unsafe area, you are instead pulled into a liminal space provided by them and can be contacted verbally through the realms. You need to take 1d4 days rest to recover.

Items needed: Dire Chimera Ink or another rare creature’s ink worth at least 50gp & a writing instrument


Level 9
School Enchantment
Components V,S,M
Casting Time 1 action, ritual
Range 5ft
Attack/save Wisdom DC 15

You contact your patron through a lengthy ritual that can be only performed once a week. Your patron bestows grand gifts in exchange for total dominance over you. Once per week, you can cast this ritual. You must spend at least 6 hours a day for 7 days performing and honouring your patron in ways of prostration; this is up to the DM’s discretion, but it can include: carving its name out endlessly, making shrines and complimenting your patron and offerings. In addition, you must make a DC 15 wisdom saving throw each time this ritual is cast, else take 2d12 psychic damage and fail it (this counts towards your 1 week limit). Your strength is reduced to 3 temporarily and you need to take 1d3 days rest regardless if you complete or fail it.

Boons include:

  • Patron answers any question truthfully to their best ability
  • Will perform a resurrect
  • Grant any spell for the week (spell will not use a spell slot)