☛ Child's Play

Light seeped through the drapes, illuminating the room in an amber glow. Bookshelves were largely unaffected sitting in the furthest and darkest corners of the room. Though most of the books were lined up neatly on the shelves, others were littered like leaves on the floor waiting to be read. Loki stretched cosily in his bed. Moulding himself into a more comfortable position, he returned to his sleep. There was no need to get up. His room was always a fountain of silence where he could sleep peacefully. This was true…for the most part.

“GET UP, GET UP!” Loki felt the full force of his older brother’s booming voice straight his ear. Startled, he rose up.
“Hey, Thor, I was sleeping!” Loki said, his voice ringing with annoyance. “Mother said you can’t-“
“Mother said we need to be up early today.” Thor objected. He was right; he remembered being told that they were going to start something special and had to be ready for it. Thor tugged Loki’s covers away onto the floor.
“C’mon, I wanna know what it is!” Thor smiled fiercely. “We could be getting real swords!” Loki quickly gave into Thor’s relentless assault on him and his bed and got up still in his sleepwear.
“Isn’t there time to change?”
“Why bother? “ Thor said as he raced to the door. Loki hurried along after him trying hard to keep up.

The halls were graced in gold and finished with a shine; walls seemed to shimmer in any light that shone on them.
Thor darted amongst the halls effortlessly. His excitement fuelled his body. He looked behind to see Loki trailing behind. He stopped to see exactly what he had ran in to.

“And what do we have here? An escaped prisoner?” A soft voice spoke from above. Thor steadily looked up, afraid of whom he would have to apologise to. Frigga stood amused at the sight of her son blindly running amidst the halls without a worry. Her hair golden hair was embraced in a silver headdress, though some loose curls fell delicately down her face; her dress was weaved in a gentle blue that gave the image of water. She smiled warmly before she knelt down.
“Next time, mind where you are going, please.”
“Yes mother!” He said as he wrapped his arms around her arms. ”I didn’t mean to get you…” Frigga positioned herself upright again and looked at Loki, still nervously glancing at a distance.

“It’s all right, you two aren’t in trouble.” Frigga strengthened her voice for the other sibling to hear. Loki sighed in relief of her voice and ran next to where Thor was standing.
“It was Thor’s idea!” Loki said defensively.
“Yeah, but you agreed.” The two nudged each other, though neither dared to hit harder than a touch.
Frigga put both of her hands to theirs and spoke in a soothing tone once more.
“As long as you both do not go near here again, then it’s alright. Are we clear?”
“Yes, mother!” The boy’s voices rang in unison. Pleased, Frigga lead them to the main hall. -----