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I'm Ven/Vencake! I'm a hobbyist with an interest in art, the old web and games.

After feeling stifled by modern social media, I decided to create my own hub of what I love. I'm inspired by artists, writers and in general creative people.

I love people expressing themselves, and I do the same. Expect a non-sanitized site when browsing and enjoy your time here fuckers


Redesign = website massive WIP again!

I'll have most the pages from the previous layout up soon-ish. It doesn't take up too much time, nah. It's fine. I swear.

To do

  • Polish & upload pages
  • Quest below
  • More themes & install old themeswitcher
  • Falling lyrics page

Go on a quest

I thought it fun to create a series of "quests" on this site. It's a WIP, so go away. Boo. LEAVE!

Recent Updates


Addedmini reviews page among updating other things!


Just some more fixes, and added some more to links. No time for finishing this makeover atm!


New layout! Migrating everything over.


Blog stuff & general upkeep.


Added Fariness in sports! Also updated some stuff on this site.


I've opened commissions! Also updated some stuff on this site.


Updates, aesthetic changes, cleaning up old links etc. Added to do list.

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