I love collecting things. This is just a small portion of my collection! Massive WIP. Not all cards listed


Dark Magician Archetype

Love this pose. His own style, rocking it.

Movie version. Love this new look! Not sure about the muscles, but everything else...yes!

Got it from Spellcaster's Judgement structure deck as a kid. 2/10 I guess.

Oh, lovely colours. Good pose, got the green skin version of him, but other than that great.

One of my faves. Despite being the green skin colour version, the pose and colours are perfect.

Arkana's DM. Cocky pose, silver hair. 4/10

Top tier - makes him look celestial, as if a deity. 8/10!

Not bad. Not a fan of the orange hair though.

Stunning. 11/10. Perfect background coupled with the art

God, I love the emo style! 9/10

Really like the style of this mage. Another 10/10

Wow, for a toon card the colours sure are lovely. 7/10

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