I really am fond of sibling relationships in media as well as dynamic and dramatic families. You'll find a lot of that here and in my interests. I also find adoptive bonds as well as platonic ones interesting...I never realised before how many of my top favourites are this :O

Fanfics may have SPOILERS so be aware~

>comfort characters

My personal favourites. I would read all fluff regarding them...! If you got any recommendations, give me a holla.

Loki [MCU]

& Thor

Loki (AoA)
Laius Thorden
Apollo Justice
Eren Yeager

Lee Chaolan
Rodion (Rodya)

>comfy reads

Thor (MCU, comics etc)

fic one [part 1] fic one [part 2] fic 2 fic 3 fic 4

I really am fond of sibling relationships, and Thor/Loki's makes for great fluff!

91 Days

fic one fic two link

Platonic fics that go into Nero/Angelo's bond \o/

Dragon's Dogma

fic one fic two link

Pretty much pawn/arisen bonds.


fic one fic two link (chapter 7 linked) fic three

Lee/Kazuya/Heihachi angst etc


Stardew Valley

Spent over 100 hours in this. It's a charming, chill game that you can play at your own pace. I currently named all my chickens after daedric princes (TeS) and my horse is...Gerard Way :)


Run a cat café! You can also ride and care for other animals in a magical way/setting. Very cute game.

The Long Dark

What? You don't think surviving in harsh coniditions isn't a chill or comfy game? Well...for me it is! The game is mostly quiet, with the sound of footsteps in the snow, fire etc in the background. Very chill.

Coffee Talk

Incredibly chill game where you make coffee and talk to people about their problems. Highly recommend playing before bed.


other credits: Loki/Thor sprites (DS game, Spriter's Resource), PKM database etc