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My (positive) experience in gaming

First and foremost, this is a positive experience for me! I feel this is important to state. For those that have had the displeasure of experiencing cavemen online – you know, they know, we know that they’re idiots.

People see gaming as a male-dominated hobby, but that has never truly been the case. [1][2] Women have always been involved in games from the start, but here’s the thing: why would a woman bother to explain they’re a woman? People assume men make up most online and the default sex (I do it too), so unless there’s reason otherwise, you’re not likely to be accurately assumed to be a woman. So, all the women taking part in discussions on games, making FAQs, guides etc. may not have been seen as such and just assumed to be a man. Even when I’m chatting online, I don’t make it overly obvious I’m a woman – I don’t owe it to anyone to do so. I’ll express myself as I am, and I hope others do the same.

Let’s go back. Remember the early web? Well, do you also remember all the women making fansites, creating art, webrings and such? When you look, there’s so MUCH! Some of my favourites include all the bishounen sites revolving around favourite male characters which, of course, are all physically attractive (as attractive as PS1 models can get, I guess). Who could forget Bishounenmon too? I’m very accustomed to reading fanfics written by women and browsing sites coded by women. I recall an Ash Ketchum one at this very moment in time. She was obsessed! But it is good to have a safe space to explore one’s expression. Have I ever experienced sexist behaviour? The answer is: no. Not that I can recall, but I’m pretty firm that I have not personally. I’ve only seen it second-hand (i.e on a famous twitch streamer, no less) and she tore into them and so did her chat. Good for her! She was in the right, and if they had listened, they would’ve one that OW match. Anyway.

I’ve led a few raid groups. No one has questioned my authority in them or even outside of being a raid lead. Perhaps part of my experience is because I am quite ? Previously, I have had someone say that they’re scared of me relative to raid; this was in my first ever raid group/static, and I was frustrated I was wasting my weekends fucking about when my team was idiotic. But I was never rude about it! I swear! Ha, but seriously…My friend was telling me about people who prey on others, and when it comes to men, there’s evidence to suggest that they go for those that look like they won’t retaliate. In the context of VC though…tone of voice and what you say is very important. The way I act is very assured. I believe in myself and what I say. I don’t let people talk over me. I don’t like rude people. I am very outspoken and will voice my concerns. But not everyone can be like that, and it’s not up to the victim to correct the wrongdoings of predator – the fault lies entirely on the predator.

Times have changed fast, and for the better! Look at how quickly attitudes have improved over time.

Continually look forward to the ever-improving thoughts of the online world!

[1] Brief look at influential women in the gaming industry: 1980s.

[2] This is a good article which encompasses a lot of what I unearthed online, but in one article!