Lyrics <3

Follow blindly, like lambs to slaughter

At the mercy of those who ply the sword

As our song wends, dead underwater

We're forgotten, for now and evermore

To the Edge - Soken

May those who wander paths in the dark find firelight

May we all as true equals die

Never fear unjust favor’s bite

May we be judged by what is right

In the Balance - Soken

A toast to those who stole another day (one more day!)

A round to those who lied to get away (one more drink?)

The Whiskey, the Liar, the Thief - Patent Pending

But nothing could ever stop us

From stealing our own place in the sun

We will face the odds against us

And run into the fear we run from (ah, ah)

It has begun

Into the dark below

Evading shadows

Blind in a rabbit's hole

We fall beneath the earth

And watch the shell come unraveled

As the seed begins to rise

Embracing a starlit fate as we wait in the night

It Has Begun - Starset

Why can't you see that you don't look like him in any way?

At least that kid has friends and that's a lot more than you can say

Dawson's Geek - Busted

Don't go if you got more to say

'Cause the world don't need

Another hopeless cause

Though it makes me who I am

'Cause it makes me who I am

And you made me who I am

And you made me who I am

Be afraid of what I am

I can take it

Burn Bright - MCR