Some interesting things I've come across on the net. These tend to be preservations of media, or food for thought. Regardless, I wanted all of this in one place.

Preservation & Art

  • Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 Manga Vol. 3
    Preservation of the official manga. Other volumes are here too amongst more.
  • Art of Treasure Planet
    Art of Treasure Planet, original concepts to a potential second film that never was :(
  • Pottermore Artwork
    Remember how good Pottermore was when it came out? Yeah, this drive has all the original art.
  • Articles

  • A Fugitive's Pendulous Mind
    Crime & Punishment article showcasing Fyodor's drawings for his characters.
  • Misc

  • To Delos Crossing and back: Memories from Tell Me Why’s development
    Very interesting dev blog about the development of Tell Me Why. I want that art piece!
  • Stormblood story text
    Stormblood complete story text (with screenshots). I have no idea how long it would've taken to do this.
  • Farming A8 Savage Unsync
    FFXIV time capsule of A8.
  • Pokémon Battle Revolution sound board
    I love the announcer's lines and so should you
  • Gourment Gaming
    OG and amazing blog that made game recipes IRL. They sadly stopped posting after one instance of copying.
  • Dragon’s Dogma – The Beginning Chapter 1
    Translation of a Dragon's Dogma novel by Ryo Mizuno.
  • Pawn Training: Part 1 (DD:DA)
    Extensive research into the behaviour of Pawns from Dragon's Dogma. Take it with a grain of salt and your own experiences - their behaviour is still largely a mystery!