External resources

Want to code?

Brackets and Visual Studio Code are free & open source coding programs. Super helpful! I use the latter to write my website. Has suggestions, find and replace features, live ports to view your site etc. Not limited to website coding - its features are useful all around. If using VSC, just make sure to go to Preferences > Telemetry Settings > Off.

You can also use the Neocities editor or even notepad, but I find these options limiting and not as convenient.

Don't know where to start?

Depending on how you feel, start from the ground up or get a premade.

Either way, get yourself used to the makeup of coding in HTML/CSS. Most web design now revolves around accessibility; this is achieved mostly by being responsive, which is a word that you'll hear being thrown around. The old web layouts are not responsive, nor do a lot of them contain modern libraries (like Boostrap, which makes responsive design easy), but they do maintain the basics of HTML and CSS.

Other learning resources

These are some sites which are good for beginner learners:



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