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I wanted to dedicate a page to sites I resonated with or just simply wanted to talk about. There's (of course) so many more I like not listed or talked about here, and there never will be a complete list becuse that is IMPOSSIBLE!

If you do want to check out more sites I like, go to my links page and see who I'm following, external sites, link to bookmarks and more.

As a note, I list main tags, not all. Also, websites change, and as usual I do not have control over content on linked sites (stating the obvious...)

More to be added!!

Around the web

  • Feather Dance
    Airy fanlisting that has stayed up over time. Shows a real passion to the art.

    Tags: Pokémon, Fanlisting, goodies


  • Enflicted
    Tek has lovingly crafted a site which showcases his past work. You'll see things like forum signatures and other blasts from the pasts as well as a blog and art.

    Tags: Personal, art, goodies, graphics

  • Noodle Desk
    Fluffy and light is how I describe this site. Feeling down? Take a visit, because looking at Jorts' doodles lightens my day.

    Tags: Personal, comfy, art, hobby

  • The Tower
    I described in the past their site as self-expressive, to which she liked! Very expressive art.

    Tags: Personal, art, poignant, poetry, writing, expressive

  • Whimwitch
    Passionate Yu-Gi-Oh fan with a webring to match. Reminds me of old fansites where they just wrote whatever they wanted and loved, and I respect that.

    Tags: Personal, writing, graphics, fanfiction

  • Linky Blog
    Massive Leijiverse lover and an avid artist. They've been nothing but lovely to me. Lots of love poured into their site.

    Tags: Personal, art, writing, fanfiction, Leiji

  • beanbottles
    Different & nice aesthetic (typewriter-y?) with a webmaster I bonded over for having a hilarious MGS4 button which showcased ridiculous fan comments.

    Tags: Personal, writing, graphics

  • Spot of Mummery
    Aywren is such a lovely webmaster. We share the same passion for FFXIV. She has *lots* of other projects which you should check out too.

    Tags: Blog, FFXIV, Fanfiction, writing, RP

  • Pamirs' Areopagos
    It's written as one word, but the sentence is "Pamirs' areopagos"?? Fuck knows because the webmaster isn't active *cries*. Apparently it's a rock. I checked on them last 5 months ago and they said they'll come back one day. I have hope! Anyway, the art is superb and I can't put my finger on why I love it so. It's soft, with some edge.

    Tags: Art, personal, inactive

  • Atomic Gothic
    Mads' love of Metal Gear rivals my own. I love the glitter art lmao. Mads' art is loud and bold, and tbh that is their whole aesthetic! That and having a nuclear theme.

    Tags: Metal Gear, Expressive, comic, art, personal

  • Keltokel
    Some of my favourite things to browse are D&D campaign sites, another are text-heavy sites and this site is both! Also has a personal site - Sakana.

    Tags: D&D, text-heavy, writing, art

  • Ultraviolet
    An impressive collection of writings & art. Gave me some useful opinions on original fiction too. I've mostly stuck to the MCU fics.

    Tags: Fanfiction, original writing, personal, art, NSFW