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Lovely sites that I find interesting and where there's mutual linkage. Fwends? Fwends.

Galactix-Star worm's world Artwork PKLucky's Beachside Lounge LolabeeLolabee Artsykitty


A list of mutuals who left their website or whose site is in permanent limbo. :[

Listings & Collectives


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Off-shore (to be moved)

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Some sites have since left the internet :( Some others are missing images because the img link they used no longer works etc.

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Non-neocities sites

  • Imperial library | Source for in-game TES books
  • Silent Hill Collective | Archive of current and past Silent Hill fansites
  • Route 50 | Old Pokémon community (still going)!
  • Sunnyshore | Avid Electric type collector site
  • SH2 Article | Silent Hill looking through the lens of OCD (interesting way of looking at it, I have OCD so found it especially interesting)!

Some favourite oldies

  • Pure Pazaak | Fanlisting for my fave character from KOTOR II
  • Hourglass | Sands of Time fanlisting!
  • Kanji | Archive of one of my fave P4 fansites dedicated to Kanji